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  • Use Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to Make Sure Your Product Solves the Right Problem

    15.06.2023 9.00-13.00


    4 Hours


    299 EUR, free with voucher

    Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a methodology that focuses on collaboration and communication between developers, product owners, and other stakeholders. It provides a streamlined process that helps teams discover and document features and behavior and automatically validate that the product works as expected.


  • Online Kubernetes CI/CD GitOps Training

    according to demand


    4 hour


    Do you want to deepen your Kubernetes knowledge? Take our upcoming 4-hour training or request a quote for your company.

  • Online Kubernetes Security Training

    according to demand


    4 hours


    Do you want to deepen your knowledge of Kubernetes?

    Learn about the four interdependent layers (Cloud, Cluster, Container, Code) and become a pro on the Kubernetes security front.


  • Git Course

    Want to learn effective version tracking?

    Learn how Git works and how to use it with your team in our training.

    Git Course